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Thank you for this poignant post. I once attended a Christian church where the pastoral counselor was a female, she had been there for 10 years and was the most valuable member of the church. She was great. Why? Because she actually helped people.

The church hired a new male Pastor (she even played a role in his hiring) - great guy - but completely against women in leadership roles - so he eventually booted her out and put a male counselor in her place.

People misread, misinterpret, and misunderstand the Bible so often it's sad.

In another case, a female leader started a lay ministry program that worked, but the male Pastor booted her out of that and replaced her with a male, the male was too busy to run the program and it failed.

I am now working on becoming an Interfaith Minister because I choose to help people, I am called to do so by an awesome God, and I will let no man come between me, my Lord, and His people.

I will teach people practical solutions to everyday problems and give them hope based on generally accepted principles of religion, philosophy and science. God did not stop speaking 2000 years ago, God still speaks. His language is Love.

May God be with us all!


I am a crying herald...

Deeply wounded right now...

God calls...
But Christians say it is a lie...

If I was the servant of people, i would not be the servant of God!


Thank you for this precious sharing. I just found your blog and will visit regularly.

wounded one

I am a wounded one. I have been told I am anathema to the church because I am female and am Called to the pastorate.

Thank you for this blog. I will persevere. Please pray for me and other women like me who face this kind of oppression every day.

Wounded One

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